10 Things to tick off your bucket list in Athens

#1 Visit the Acropolis of Athens

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Considered as the first most instagrammable thing in Athens, the Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon are definitely to see. You should be prepared for a short walk to reach the top. You will pass by the first greek theater to reach the top where you will the typical touristic picture in front of the Acropolis.

#2 Explore the Plaka Area

Known as a its famous stairs and restaurants, the Plaka area is one of the most dynamic spots in Athens. There are several boutiques for great souvenirs ideas and typical restaurants to enjoy the greek cuisine. You should also reach out for the Plaka stairs, and have a stop at a coffee shop there.

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#3 Reach out for the Anafiotika disctrict

Once you’re in the Plaka area, you should look for the Anafiotika district. It is like a hidden gem in this touristic area where you will see tiny streets with white houses and stairs. Street art also makes of this district a great spot for pictures.

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#4 Satisfy your greek food cravings

You cannot leave Athens without tasting some of the famous greek plates. Gyros is on the top of the list : I have tasted the one of the Royal Souvlaki, and it was pretty delicious! Do not miss also the tzatziki and the greek moussaka.

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#5 Have a taste of the greek Lukumades

Sweets lover? Lukumades is the perfect spot for a delicious dessert! Whether you love fruits, almonds, white chocolate or nutella, you can choose your own lukumades and taste these crunchy fried balls at the heart of Athens city centre!

Photo 14-07-2019 20 40 01

#6 Try the chocolate Soup

Yes, there is a chocolate soup! It is a great dessert idea when you’re in Athens city centre. Zuccherino serves the best chocolate soup with an ice cream scoop to fight the hot weather.

Photo 15-07-2019 21 04 38

#7 Check out Little Kook’s decoration

Known as the second most instagramable thing in Athens, Little Kook is the perfect spot to take great pictures. When you check out the decoration, you will feel like you’re the real Marry Poppins movie. Even the waiters are dressing like characters. It is also another idea to have a sweet and unique dessert. Do not forget to take a photo with the famous umbrellas above your head. What’s impressive about Little Kook is that the theme and the decoration change with the seasons which is a good opportunity to visit Athens one more time.

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#8 Visit the Monastiraki Square

Very touristic and historical, Monastiraki square is a great spot to have a walk during the day and by night. There are many cheap souvenirs ideas to pick-up.

Photo 14-07-2019 13 22 43


#9 Go to the Museum of Illusions

If you’re staying for several days in Athens, you should have time to check out the Museum of Illusions. This museum chain also exists in other cities such as Amsterdam. It will impress both children and adults.

#10 Use the cable car to reach the Lycabettus Hill

Personally, I did not have time to pass by the Lycabettus Hill although you can admire a great sunset from there. You can reach the top of the hill whether by walking or using the cable car. There is also a classy restaurant that offers a beautiful view on the city especially at night.

With its high level of tourism, there are still many things to see in Athens such as the Limba Rage Room which is a unique experience or to have a drink on a rooftop bar or even to go to the beach as well.




8 Things to fulfill a week-end in Frankfurt

Since it is well-known for its exhibitions and business centers, Frankfurt might not be the most touristic city in Germany. But, you can easily fulfill a week-end if you visit it. Most of the hotels are next to the train station, and it is easy to walk to see the most interesting things in the city without being obliged the public transport.

#1 Dive into the history of Romerberg

The minute you arrive to Frankfurt, the historical market is the first place to head to. The architecture of the buildings is so beautiful to admire and to take great photos with these famous constructions behind you. Once you’re done with the square, you should have a walk through the streets of the city center where every building have its own charm and luxury.

Photo 02-03-2019 14 04 59

Photo 02-03-2019 14 17 16

#2 Admire the view from the Main Tower

This is the only thing I regret I didn’t do in Frankfurt. The view must be outstanding from above, but the weather was cloudy the week-end I was there. It is still on the list for the upcoming trip.

#3 Visit the Museum for Communication

It is a super interesting museum where you can discover all the history related to transport, communication and media through practical sections and rare objects. You can easily spend two hours starting from exploring the history of a ‘Handy’ to learning about your type of personality as a Facebook user nowadays.

Photo 02-03-2019 17 02 01

#4 Experience the German Film Museum

This museum has exceeded my expectations. It is not only about the evolution of filming and film making, but it covers also the original scripts and sketches of famous movies. You can also experience music editing, special effects and producing. You can also book your private cinema downstairs if you wanna watch a movie !


#5 Have a walk on Frankfurt’s bridges

I had the chance to pass by two charming bridges when I was walking from the train station to the museums since there was no direct public transport to guide you there. First, the Eiserner Steg bridge is definitely to see because it is the famous love locks bridge. The view is also outstanding, you can see parts of the historial city center. The second one is the Holbeinsteg bridge which is one the other side of the city, and it is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

Photo 02-03-2019 16 41 23

#6 Shop at myZeil

Not only MyZeil mall, all the area around this mall is dedicated for shopping. What is great to see in this mall is the architecture which is like a  huge glass cone inside of it.

#7 Grab a soup at Maggi’s kitchen studio

Beside sausages, I think it is a nice experience to have a soup at Maggi’s kitchen studio. What is special there is that you choose your own soup and your toppings as well. It is freshly prepared with some breads. They have all the noodles and soup products. They also have sections to give courses and demonstrations for amateurs.

Photo 02-03-2019 15 56 21.jpg

#8 Get a ride on the famous colorful tram

Only to experience this before leaving Frankfurt, a ride on the famous colorful tram is definitely worth it.

Photo 02-03-2019 13 35 47

5 Things not to miss when in Venice

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice is the perfect destination for lovers during all the seasonsĀ  whether it was freezing or super hot as well. It was a bucket list item for me for a long time, and it will for sure exceed your expectations.

#1 Start with the Airplane view

Even before landing in Marco Polo’s airport, the view was stunning. You can admire the beautiful Venice like an aggregate of islands. I was also astonished by that only highway road that links one part of Venice to another.


#2 Walk all over the Grand Canal

Once you get out of Venice Santa Lucia’s station, you have those goosebumps when the view that offers itself to you will feel like a dream. You’re in front of the grand canal with the famous bridge that you used to see in the pictures. The Rialto bridge is a must-see as well.

#3 Explore the small tiny bridges

Without any doubt, you should walk around in Venice especially to explore those tiny bridges in the smallest streets. It’s up to you to find the perfect bridge in front of which you will take the typical touristic picture. First, I walked to one side and I reached an empty bridge where all the charming colorful buildings are behind you. Then, when I went to the other side of the Grand Canal, I reached some tiny bridges with beautiful views.

#4 Visit the Piazza San Marco

On top of the sight-seeings not to miss is the Piazza San Marco. The golden cathedral is so beautiful to see as well as the place itself. When you go on the other side to the right, you will reach the water where you will have an astonishing view with the boats. Furthermore, when you walk next to the Piazza, you can see beautiful small bridges as well.

#5 Experience the Water Bus

It is something to experience in Venice especially if you do not have a lot of time or you do not want to walk a lot. You can admire the glorious buildings and stop at several stations. You can take it for example fromĀ  Santa Lucia to Piazza San Marco.

I only spent one day in Venice, so I did not have all the time to walk in the charming small streets and to check out many bridges. Regions such as Burano are on my list to come back again and spend more time in this city of love.

Moving to China in Paris away from the “Quartier Chinois” ?

Although everybody talks about the great Chinese neighborhood in Paris in the 13th arrondissement, I have never been to that location yet. But I have discovered several places where you suddenly feel that you have moved from the french and Parisian architecture to a fully Chinese one without even travelling to China !

Maison Loo – Pagoda Paris

In the heart of Paris, in Rue de Courcelles, you suddenly feel the contrast between a huge Parisian building next to a typical Chinese house. This building called “Pagoda Paris” and also “Maison Loo” was a private museum until it became a private house not opened for visits. It is super interesting to take a picture in the middle of the street to show the difference between the two types of architecture.

Photo 27-04-2018 13 31 40 (1)

Pavillon Chinois

Not far away from Paris, the “Pavillon Chinois” is located in the Isle-Adam region of Ile-de-France. About one hour in public transport from Paris, and then a twenty minutes walk from the station, you will reach the hilarious Pavillon Chinois in which you will suddenly feel in China. The architecture of the structure is amazing with two lions statues and a kind of small lake behind it. Unfortunately, the pavillon was closed with barriers with no access, but the picture is worth the visit.

Photo 18-04-2018 17 18 03 (1)

Photo 18-04-2018 17 19 46 (1)

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