8 Things to fulfill a week-end in Frankfurt

Since it is well-known for its exhibitions and business centers, Frankfurt might not be the most touristic city in Germany. But, you can easily fulfill a week-end if you visit it. Most of the hotels are next to the train station, and it is easy to walk to see the most interesting things in the city without being obliged the public transport.

#1 Dive into the history of Romerberg

The minute you arrive to Frankfurt, the historical market is the first place to head to. The architecture of the buildings is so beautiful to admire and to take great photos with these famous constructions behind you. Once you’re done with the square, you should have a walk through the streets of the city center where every building have its own charm and luxury.

Photo 02-03-2019 14 04 59

Photo 02-03-2019 14 17 16

#2 Admire the view from the Main Tower

This is the only thing I regret I didn’t do in Frankfurt. The view must be outstanding from above, but the weather was cloudy the week-end I was there. It is still on the list for the upcoming trip.

#3 Visit the Museum for Communication

It is a super interesting museum where you can discover all the history related to transport, communication and media through practical sections and rare objects. You can easily spend two hours starting from exploring the history of a ‘Handy’ to learning about your type of personality as a Facebook user nowadays.

Photo 02-03-2019 17 02 01

#4 Experience the German Film Museum

This museum has exceeded my expectations. It is not only about the evolution of filming and film making, but it covers also the original scripts and sketches of famous movies. You can also experience music editing, special effects and producing. You can also book your private cinema downstairs if you wanna watch a movie !


#5 Have a walk on Frankfurt’s bridges

I had the chance to pass by two charming bridges when I was walking from the train station to the museums since there was no direct public transport to guide you there. First, the Eiserner Steg bridge is definitely to see because it is the famous love locks bridge. The view is also outstanding, you can see parts of the historial city center. The second one is the Holbeinsteg bridge which is one the other side of the city, and it is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

Photo 02-03-2019 16 41 23

#6 Shop at myZeil

Not only MyZeil mall, all the area around this mall is dedicated for shopping. What is great to see in this mall is the architecture which is like a  huge glass cone inside of it.

#7 Grab a soup at Maggi’s kitchen studio

Beside sausages, I think it is a nice experience to have a soup at Maggi’s kitchen studio. What is special there is that you choose your own soup and your toppings as well. It is freshly prepared with some breads. They have all the noodles and soup products. They also have sections to give courses and demonstrations for amateurs.

Photo 02-03-2019 15 56 21.jpg

#8 Get a ride on the famous colorful tram

Only to experience this before leaving Frankfurt, a ride on the famous colorful tram is definitely worth it.

Photo 02-03-2019 13 35 47


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