5 Top Things in Versailles other than the Palace

It is on the top of our bucket list to go to see the Palace of Versailles when we reach Paris. Visiting the Castle, walking in the gardens and discovering the domain are the best things to do. But there are some unique things that you should see and experience once you’re in Versailles. Personally, I have been four times to Versailles, and till now, I did not have the opportunity to discover all the monuments and sight-seeings there.

#1 The Palace

Although you’ll always have a queue to enter to the Palace, it is worth it. What you should reach for exactly is the famous Hall of Mirrors where you will feel in the middle of a fairytale story with the shining golden surroundings. The best spot for a picture is to go the end of the Hall and have the chandeliers and the statues behind you. The Gallery of Great Battles is also a must-see in the Palace.


#2 The Gardens

Haven’t we always been dreaming of walking in the majestic gardens of Versailles ? First, when you reach the entrance of the gardens, you have the charming green fields on your left where you can have a picture with an amazing view. Then, you will reach the great golden water fountain. If you’re lucky, you will have the chance to see the famous musical waters of Versailles playing (Especially on Tuesdays and weekends!)


#3 Small Boat Ride

What is more beautiful and fun than renting a small boat in the waters of Versailles ? It is the most fun activity to do in the Palace, so you can rent a small boat in the water basin for half an hour or an hour to enjoy the view around you and get lost in the waters.

file1 (2)

#4 Temple de l’Amour

Although all the domain of Trianon is worth the visit, what you should really see is the Love Temple in the english gardens of the Trianon. It is a wonderful rounded temple with sculptures next to the small Trianon where you will feel that you’re in the middle of a magical area.



#5 Hameau de la Reine

Recently inaugurated after renovation, the Hameau de la Reine is a great place to see the old houses that were used as a part of the a farm where the animals were elevated. The constructions are beautifully designed surrounded by animals and plants everywhere. You will really feel in the countryside of Versailles behind its luxury.


#6 Galerie des Carrosses

Although tourists do not go directly to visit this, it is the only free-of-charge area of Versailles. It is the opportunity to see the old coaches like the ones we used to see in Cinderella movies that carries princesses, queens and kings.


I don’t think that you will have the opportunity to visit all these monuments in one day because there are distances to walk unless you can buy a ticket from the small train that can carry you from the Palace, to the Gardens and then to the Trianon. If you’re doing this in one day, it is better obviously to buy a pass that covers all the sights of Versailles.



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