7 Things not to miss in Deauville

On the top of the most beautiful beaches in the Normandy region, Deauville is a charming and luxurious city to spend a week-end or maybe few days. Known especially for its colored beach umbrellas, Deauville is the perfect escape in less than 3 hours from Paris by bus and 2 hours by car or train.

I had the chance to visit it two times. The first time was only to explore the famous beach and the city center. In the second time, I encouraged my family to go there to visit Deauville and we spent a night there.

#1 Have a walk at ‘Les Planches’

Super touristic, the beach of Deauville is a must-see. While having a walk on the famous ‘Les Planches’ next to celebrities names, you can see how fancy Deauville is. You will have all the wooden cabins on one side and the beach on the other side.


#2  Have some tan at Deauville’s beach

You cannot miss the opportunity to rent a famous colored umbrella to sit under it and enjoy the beach. I rented an umbrella with a long chair for about 21 Euros per day and had a great tan.


#3 Grab a gelato next to the beach

It is a must-do to have a delicious icecream at the beach. What I loved about that is that they have options that I never tasted before such as passionfruit and salted butter caramel.


#4 Visit the luxurious city centre

I was amazed when I reached the city centre of Deauville. You have the luxury boutiques around you in the beautiful wooden decoration. You feel that each boutique is a house on its own. What I loved the most is the LV boutique which is beautifully constructed.


#5 Visit the Casino at night

Mostly attractive at night, you should pass by the Casino Barrière of Deauville. It is nicely illuminated and the most popular corner of Deauville at night. You can also enter to have a tour there.


#6 Stay and enjoy the morning view at Les Studios Romantiques

I highly recommend this studio for a stay in Deauville. Although you have a 15-min walk to the beach, the view is worth it. The studio was equipped with everything you need to prepare a great morning breakfast with an outstanding view.


#7 Go and check the Villa Strassburger

This is something I did not have the opportunity to do, but the Villa Strassburger is on the top of the touristic attractions in Deauville. It will be on my to do list for the next trip to Deauville.


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