3 Famous Salons de thé for a Luxury Breakfast

Having a luxury breakfast is one of the best experiences in Paris. There are many famous salons de thé where you can enjoy a delicious and classy french breakfast. I have been to many of them, but there some left on my bucket list.

#1 LaDurée

Almost every tourist that gets to Paris has to visit LaDurée boutiques and especially for their famous macarons. But, it is a great experiene to enjoy your morning breakfast at one of LaDurée boutiques in Paris. I have been actually to two branches till now : The first one is for sure the one located in the Champs Elysées and the second one is LaDurée Royale which is less touristic and cozier.

For breakfast, you will enjoy having a coffee, more a ‘Café Crème’ where Milk and Coffee are served apart in receipients holding LaDurée’s logo. Add to that their delicious viennoiseries, and more their specialty that I never tasted elsewhere : Le Croissant Aux Noix.


Afterall, I think that it is not super expensive since you can enjoy that kind of breakfast for 10 euros, and taking a great picture at LaDurée famous salons de thé.

#2 Carette

While it is not super well-known from a touristic perspective, Carette is, for me, tastier than LaDurée. You will also pay a little-bit more for that extra-tastiness. Carette’s touristic branch is located in Trocadéro, but personally I fell in love with the one at Place des Vosges while you have a super nice view and an open area. There is also one in Montmartre, but I did not have the chance to try it yet.


I also enjoyed having coffee there, with their super delicious Pain Chocolat Amandes that you will never experience the same taste in any other boulangerie. I also tried their toasts that are served hot and crispy with your choice of jam and butter ! Super tasty as well !


#3 Angelina

Tourists go queue in front of Angelina’s famous salon de thé at Tuileries for hours to enjoy their meals in this luxurious location. The ‘Angelina’ Experience is also not to miss, where you’ll also pay in the same range of  Carette.

You will enjoy their coffee, their viennoiseries, but also their pastries. They have their own specialities that they call ‘Spécialités de la Maison’ such as their Mont-Blanc and their hot chocolate secret receipe.


Over all, all these famous salons de thé are a must-do, but personally, I recommand Carette – Place des Vosges for the taste, location and quality over price.


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