4 Specialty Museums to see once in a lifetime

Wherever you walk in Paris, you will always find museums. But Paris has its own special museums and some are considered as unique museums aroun the world. It’s not the Louvre or Orsay, neither Rodin because it’s not about paintings here.

#1 Musée Baccarat

This is a small specialty museum of the luxury worlwide brand Baccarat. When you are at the entrance of the museum (Place des Etats-Unis, Métro 6 Kléber), you will see a long red carpet just to welcome you. Then when you go to grab your ticket, you will be into a crystal room full of plates, table sets, cups and objects made of shining crystal. Decorations crystal objects are beautifully illuminated.


Then, when you go upstairs, in addition to the huge stairs of a castle, you will be directed into another crystal room of historical objects amazingly colored. Moreover, you can have the chance to be part of the lunch experience in the same floor with, of course, a crystal set of table and decoration.

What is also charming in this small specialty museum is their toilets. A crystal chandelier is placed in the center with mirrors surrounding the place. Dark lights give you the impression to be in a club, not in a museum.


#2 Musée de la magie

This museum designed as a boutique from the outside where you’ll never feel that an actual museum can exist downstairs. First, on the left, you have the ‘Automates’ where it’s cool to press each button to see how do they move and make sounds. Then on the right, you will see everythinh related to magic, illusions, fortune tellers and tricks. Some creepy and funny stuff will get in front of you while you move, and might creep you out ! You can experience optical illusions by yourself also !


At the end of the visit, you will have the opportunity to watch a short magic show, but it is more targeted to kids.

#3 Musée du Parfum Fragonard

That’s a very interesting museum to check for perfume lovers. Located in a five-minutes walk from  the Auber station, you can have a guided tour in the musem for Free. First, you will have the opportunity to check how the different ingredients of a perfume are collected and transformed through the process of manufacturing.

file-11 (2)

Then, it will be super cool to walk with the guide in a dark room with illuminated showcass to check how perfumes were from a long time ago in the royal families until today. Going upstairs, you will have the chance to smell different ingredients and guess them while also discovering the Fragonard Family through the years.

Finally, PERFUME TESTING TIME ! It is the opportunity to smell the best sellers of Fragonard and to benefit from several discounts if you split a box of perfumes with others.


#4 Deyrolle

This is not an actual museum, more a boutique where you’ll be amazed by the variety of animals that are embalmed and looking super real. You will experience a huge tiger, a girafe tilting its head and a big variety of insects. It is really interesting to check a unique diversity of animals that will appear to you on the first while that they are 100% real.







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