3 Great Spots in Montmartre other than the Sacré-Coeur

Montmartre is on the top of the must-do list in Paris. It is the perfect escape to move into a old village and walk into amazing cozy streets.

#1 Abbesses – Wall of Love

First, to reach Montmartre area, it is better to take Metro Line 2 and get down at Abbesses stop. You will walk directly first in Rue des Abbesses where you have great coffee shops and cozy restaurants. In Place des Abbesses, you should also see the famous Wall of Love, also called “Mur des Je t’aime“. You can’t miss taking the famous picture there with the ‘I Love You’ sentence is written in all the languages of the world.


Then, before going up to Montmartre, you should pass by Amorino to grab the cutest flower-designed Gelato. You can even have a ‘macaron’ on top which will make it the perfect idea for a picture.


To go up to Montmartre, I preferred to go through two ways. First, you can walk through  Rue des Abbesses and keep going up, or you can take the special Montmartre Bus at Place Pigalle. The bus will deposit you next to Sacré-Coeur and at several stops.

#2 La Maison Rose – Place de Tertre

The first thing you should see in Montmartre is the famous traditional La Maison Rose. It is the touristic spot to take a picture while the wall behind you is painted in light pink with greenish windows. La Maison Rose is actually a restaurant where you can have lunch too. You can also look for ‘Le Moulin de la Galette’ which is also a restaurant with an actual huge and old windmill.


Then, while you keep walking in the direction of the Sacré-Coeur, you will reach Place de Tertres where all artists expose their paintings and offer you to get drawn. You will be surrounded by cafes, shops and small restaurants. It is great to have a tour around the place to check the paintings and the boutiques. You’ve got also the famous Carette to grab a delicious french pastry.

#3 The Sinking House of Paris

Later on, you will reach the Sacré-Coeur. Have you heard of the ‘Sinking House of Paris’? Actually, it is a cam trick that you can use to take an outstanding picture ! Once you’re in front of the Sacré-Coeur, look on your right, tilt your head a little and imagine the picture you can get. So that you will need to reach the grass, title your camera and strike a pose (maybe while pushing the building!).



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