3 Famous Salons de thé for a Luxury Breakfast

Having a luxury breakfast is one of the best experiences in Paris. There are many famous salons de thé where you can enjoy a delicious and classy french breakfast. I have been to many of them, but there some left on my bucket list.

#1 LaDurée

Almost every tourist that gets to Paris has to visit LaDurée boutiques and especially for their famous macarons. But, it is a great experiene to enjoy your morning breakfast at one of LaDurée boutiques in Paris. I have been actually to two branches till now : The first one is for sure the one located in the Champs Elysées and the second one is LaDurée Royale which is less touristic and cozier.

For breakfast, you will enjoy having a coffee, more a ‘Café Crème’ where Milk and Coffee are served apart in receipients holding LaDurée’s logo. Add to that their delicious viennoiseries, and more their specialty that I never tasted elsewhere : Le Croissant Aux Noix.


Afterall, I think that it is not super expensive since you can enjoy that kind of breakfast for 10 euros, and taking a great picture at LaDurée famous salons de thé.

#2 Carette

While it is not super well-known from a touristic perspective, Carette is, for me, tastier than LaDurée. You will also pay a little-bit more for that extra-tastiness. Carette’s touristic branch is located in Trocadéro, but personally I fell in love with the one at Place des Vosges while you have a super nice view and an open area. There is also one in Montmartre, but I did not have the chance to try it yet.


I also enjoyed having coffee there, with their super delicious Pain Chocolat Amandes that you will never experience the same taste in any other boulangerie. I also tried their toasts that are served hot and crispy with your choice of jam and butter ! Super tasty as well !


#3 Angelina

Tourists go queue in front of Angelina’s famous salon de thé at Tuileries for hours to enjoy their meals in this luxurious location. The ‘Angelina’ Experience is also not to miss, where you’ll also pay in the same range of  Carette.

You will enjoy their coffee, their viennoiseries, but also their pastries. They have their own specialities that they call ‘Spécialités de la Maison’ such as their Mont-Blanc and their hot chocolate secret receipe.


Over all, all these famous salons de thé are a must-do, but personally, I recommand Carette – Place des Vosges for the taste, location and quality over price.

4 Specialty Museums to see once in a lifetime

Wherever you walk in Paris, you will always find museums. But Paris has its own special museums and some are considered as unique museums aroun the world. It’s not the Louvre or Orsay, neither Rodin because it’s not about paintings here.

#1 Musée Baccarat

This is a small specialty museum of the luxury worlwide brand Baccarat. When you are at the entrance of the museum (Place des Etats-Unis, Métro 6 Kléber), you will see a long red carpet just to welcome you. Then when you go to grab your ticket, you will be into a crystal room full of plates, table sets, cups and objects made of shining crystal. Decorations crystal objects are beautifully illuminated.


Then, when you go upstairs, in addition to the huge stairs of a castle, you will be directed into another crystal room of historical objects amazingly colored. Moreover, you can have the chance to be part of the lunch experience in the same floor with, of course, a crystal set of table and decoration.

What is also charming in this small specialty museum is their toilets. A crystal chandelier is placed in the center with mirrors surrounding the place. Dark lights give you the impression to be in a club, not in a museum.


#2 Musée de la magie

This museum designed as a boutique from the outside where you’ll never feel that an actual museum can exist downstairs. First, on the left, you have the ‘Automates’ where it’s cool to press each button to see how do they move and make sounds. Then on the right, you will see everythinh related to magic, illusions, fortune tellers and tricks. Some creepy and funny stuff will get in front of you while you move, and might creep you out ! You can experience optical illusions by yourself also !


At the end of the visit, you will have the opportunity to watch a short magic show, but it is more targeted to kids.

#3 Musée du Parfum Fragonard

That’s a very interesting museum to check for perfume lovers. Located in a five-minutes walk from  the Auber station, you can have a guided tour in the musem for Free. First, you will have the opportunity to check how the different ingredients of a perfume are collected and transformed through the process of manufacturing.

file-11 (2)

Then, it will be super cool to walk with the guide in a dark room with illuminated showcass to check how perfumes were from a long time ago in the royal families until today. Going upstairs, you will have the chance to smell different ingredients and guess them while also discovering the Fragonard Family through the years.

Finally, PERFUME TESTING TIME ! It is the opportunity to smell the best sellers of Fragonard and to benefit from several discounts if you split a box of perfumes with others.


#4 Deyrolle

This is not an actual museum, more a boutique where you’ll be amazed by the variety of animals that are embalmed and looking super real. You will experience a huge tiger, a girafe tilting its head and a big variety of insects. It is really interesting to check a unique diversity of animals that will appear to you on the first while that they are 100% real.






3 Great Spots in Montmartre other than the Sacré-Coeur

Montmartre is on the top of the must-do list in Paris. It is the perfect escape to move into a old village and walk into amazing cozy streets.

#1 Abbesses – Wall of Love

First, to reach Montmartre area, it is better to take Metro Line 2 and get down at Abbesses stop. You will walk directly first in Rue des Abbesses where you have great coffee shops and cozy restaurants. In Place des Abbesses, you should also see the famous Wall of Love, also called “Mur des Je t’aime“. You can’t miss taking the famous picture there with the ‘I Love You’ sentence is written in all the languages of the world.


Then, before going up to Montmartre, you should pass by Amorino to grab the cutest flower-designed Gelato. You can even have a ‘macaron’ on top which will make it the perfect idea for a picture.


To go up to Montmartre, I preferred to go through two ways. First, you can walk through  Rue des Abbesses and keep going up, or you can take the special Montmartre Bus at Place Pigalle. The bus will deposit you next to Sacré-Coeur and at several stops.

#2 La Maison Rose – Place de Tertre

The first thing you should see in Montmartre is the famous traditional La Maison Rose. It is the touristic spot to take a picture while the wall behind you is painted in light pink with greenish windows. La Maison Rose is actually a restaurant where you can have lunch too. You can also look for ‘Le Moulin de la Galette’ which is also a restaurant with an actual huge and old windmill.


Then, while you keep walking in the direction of the Sacré-Coeur, you will reach Place de Tertres where all artists expose their paintings and offer you to get drawn. You will be surrounded by cafes, shops and small restaurants. It is great to have a tour around the place to check the paintings and the boutiques. You’ve got also the famous Carette to grab a delicious french pastry.

#3 The Sinking House of Paris

Later on, you will reach the Sacré-Coeur. Have you heard of the ‘Sinking House of Paris’? Actually, it is a cam trick that you can use to take an outstanding picture ! Once you’re in front of the Sacré-Coeur, look on your right, tilt your head a little and imagine the picture you can get. So that you will need to reach the grass, title your camera and strike a pose (maybe while pushing the building!).


Moving to China in Paris away from the “Quartier Chinois” ?

Although everybody talks about the great Chinese neighborhood in Paris in the 13th arrondissement, I have never been to that location yet. But I have discovered several places where you suddenly feel that you have moved from the french and Parisian architecture to a fully Chinese one without even travelling to China !

Maison Loo – Pagoda Paris

In the heart of Paris, in Rue de Courcelles, you suddenly feel the contrast between a huge Parisian building next to a typical Chinese house. This building called “Pagoda Paris” and also “Maison Loo” was a private museum until it became a private house not opened for visits. It is super interesting to take a picture in the middle of the street to show the difference between the two types of architecture.

Photo 27-04-2018 13 31 40 (1)

Pavillon Chinois

Not far away from Paris, the “Pavillon Chinois” is located in the Isle-Adam region of Ile-de-France. About one hour in public transport from Paris, and then a twenty minutes walk from the station, you will reach the hilarious Pavillon Chinois in which you will suddenly feel in China. The architecture of the structure is amazing with two lions statues and a kind of small lake behind it. Unfortunately, the pavillon was closed with barriers with no access, but the picture is worth the visit.

Photo 18-04-2018 17 18 03 (1)

Photo 18-04-2018 17 19 46 (1)

When Champs de Mars and Trocadéro are too clichés to strike a pose

When I first arrived to Paris, my favorite places to strike a pose next to the Iron lady were Place de Trocadéro and Champs de Mars. What’s great about taking the traditional picture at Trocadéro is that you can have all the Eiffel Tower behind you or next to you. You cannot visit Paris without striking a pose there. Champs de Mars is the second typical location for a picture where you’ll have the greenish Champs de Mars behind you with the Iron Lady at the back. You can even sit there for a Parisian photo.

Photo 21-03-2018 18 43 15

But later on, I discovered that there are much more interesting locations and wonderful spots to capture the Iron lady and strike hilarious poses.

Trocadéro gardens

When going down to Trocadéro gardens, you will become closer to the Iron Lady. When you reach the end of the gardens, you will be in the middle of the street where you will have the Eiffel Tower behind you. You can take a great shot in which you will have the glorious Parisian street with the most interesting part of the Iron Lady.

Photo 21-03-2018 17 38 10

Rue de l’Université

While I was walking next to the other side of the Eiffel Tower, I reached the famous Rue de L’Université where you will lift your head up a little bit to see the huge iron Lady. It is the perfect spot to take a shot with a cup of coffee or even to strike a pose. You will feel that the Tower is hidden behind the glorious buildings in that street.

Photo 09-03-2018 16 32 37 (1)

Pont de Bir-Hakim

Whether it was day or night, Pont de Bir-Hakim is one of the best spots to strike a pose next to the Eiffel Tower. Whether you take it on the borders of the bridge sitting on the roof or in the middle of the bridge, the picture will be hilarious ! If you take it inside the bridge, you will have the wonderful lights upward, the columns of the bridge and the Iron Lady.

#PontBirHakim #InsideTheBridge

Photo 23-05-2018 14 34 08 (1)

#PontBirHakim #NightPose

Photo 25-11-2017 17 31 01

Pont Alexandre III

One of the most luxurious pictures that you can ever take is on the bridge of Alexander III. While you’ll be surrounded by golden stripes, you will have the Iron Lady right behind you. I tried to take this photo more at night where you’ll admire the Eiffel Tower enlightening your picture. 

Photo 10-11-2017 20 39 31


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